Friday, February 26, 2010

Spring Wishes!

21/2 Got up this morning to rotten rain/snow/sleet, and sort of wished that my sons football game would be cancelled, but it wasn't.  I wrapped up really warm and stood on the side of the pitch cheering the boys on, and after a while the sun popped its head out from behind a cloud and tempted me with a little bit of spring, it was lovely and I turned and bathed my face in the rays, even if somewhat short lived it gave me the lift I needed.  When I got back, (unfortunately we lost 5-4) I was greeted by my urn of yellow loveliness, lifting my spirits even more, the urn was a bargin car boot buy, £2 and I am so pleased with it.

22/2 Today however what the F.....!!!! Wretched snow took me 40 minutes to get the kids to school usually a ten minute drive, I usually love the snow but please enough is enough and yesterday I was feeling all spring like and lovely, well I am going off to sulk big time and try and send out weather changing vibes!  Oh I finally did my ironing and got to the bottom of the basket, shock horror!!!!!!
23/2 I am logging photos of my yellow lovliness each day brings a little bit more visual joy to the heart, I am going to try and squeeze in a little crochet today, I can't believe I haven't done any crochet for two day, ghad zooks!! thats a word I haven't used in ages I like it, think I might add it to my vocabulary, it is a nostalgic, 'Rent a ghost' type word to use!

24/2 PM sun is actually trying to come out, I spotted a little blue sky too, "oh please spring appear".  Got a poorly son at home well its the chesty after cold illness or bed glue one of the two, anyways no footy training for him tonight, woo hoo! which means I can stay in the warm house, and do the school PTA accounts, joy!  Foolishly got muscled in to be treasurer this year.  I am having one of those good news bad news days, with every yay thing there is always a nay thing.  I am going now because I really need to stop blogging today I am talking utter rubbish!
25/2 So looking at my gorgeous vase of yellow lovliness has inspired me, thus so far to find some stash yarn that colour matches, well almost so I'm thinking flowers will hit the drawing board tonight and see what I come up with!

26/2 Still working on my little crochet project will post when happy with results, have a lovely weekend peeps....Nicky xxx


  1. How come I never see anything that nice at car boot sales or in charity shops. You have all the luck (or perhaps a better eye than me!)
    Dan in Italy to see a friend - no sporting event involved! xx

  2. Lovely 'Daffs' and lovely vase too. I have a huge bunch standing as well (St. Davids day and all that) and I love Daffs...they are such happy flowers!! It has been very spring-like here this week, hope where you are too.
    Hugs from Wales xx

  3. Beautiful cheery daffs! I love spring, the first signs are with us here, and there is a spot in our garden where, when the sun is out, it is warm enough to sit with a cup of tea. Bliss! Suzie xxx