Friday, February 12, 2010

Book Review 'The Complete Photo Guide to Crochet'.

So, do not quote me, as I cannot claim to be the highest authority on crochet by any means, but I know what I like and I found this visually stimulating, (crochet porn)!!!!

This book landed on my desk at work about 3 or 4 weeks ago, and I just felt I had to blog about it.
Front cover 'says whats in the tin' using photos of crochet swatches.  Instructions are in the form of written patterns and include symbols too.  Content is as expected, Intro to Crochet, A little Historical piece on crochet which is quite interesting, then onto Basic's etc......... The terminology is US, but for all us Brits if your anything like me you can translate with your eyes closed as so many crochet patterns are American.  What I liked best about this book is the Speciality Crochet Methods at the back, which includes:- Tapestry Tunisian, Bruges Lace, Polish Star, Intermeshing Crochet, Overlay Crochet, Freeform, Hairpin Lace and Broomstick.  These being some of the techniques I am yet to try but would like to investigate further.  There is also a pattern for each of these techniques to try out, which may or may not be my cup of tea, but are great for practising with. 
Marks out of 10 well I would give it a firm 8 I am a visual person and it is an easy book to look at and work through.  A great reference book.
Paperback RRP is £16.99  ISBN - 13 978-1-58923-472-7
Published 1/1/10
Is available on Amazon too. 
Have a good weekend..................Nicky xx


  1. Hi Nicky, thank you for you lovely comments as ever...a true blogger-friend. I have just put last minute Valentine pattern on my blog...check it ou. My head is always so full of new ideas that I wish the day had 48 hours and the week 14 days and that's just for knitting. Would you like to share you crochet-snood? I would love to see it.
    Have a happy Valentine's weekend x

  2. Hello ! I have been trying to teach myself crochet, but not very successfully though, yet! Thank you for you lovely comments on my blog. Ha ha, said ironing board cover was kind od a pressie from me to me with money I gave myself (naughty!) suzie xxx

  3. Thank you both for you comments, replies on your blogs, Suzie if you want to treat yourself to a little Cath,lol, then by all means you do it girl! Heike 48hour 14 day weeks sound good to me,does that mean I still only have to work for seven of those days???lol!

  4. Hi Nicky thanks for the good wishes l passed them on to Kathryn and RJ is expected home today l think
    That book looks brill have fun
    Hugs Suz x

  5. Thanks for your advice on my blog, it is so kind of you! suzie xxx