Saturday, January 2, 2010

Throughly Spoilt!

I think I might have had the best Christmas ever, lots of baking and crochet and some fantastic gifts so brilliant I just had to share:

  • Hugo & Lovely, Perfume from Hubby and Daughter, respectively.
  • Wellies from No1 Son (I JUST LOVE WELLIES).
  • SuBo Album, amazing and very moving.
  • A painting by Paul Hillary, who happens to be married to my boss and is a fantastic artist, I love this picture I see it every day I go into work, never dreamed that I might own it one day.
  • Pics of my two 'Pud & Spud' on Christmas morning, even teenagers get up early!
  • A picture of a house that we always go and see, they start decorating from October and collect donations for Macmillan.
So that was my Christmas!

New Year was spent across the road literally.  Our neighbours always hold a party with theme, this year being pyjamas, brilliant I think because when we staggered home we just fell into bed.
This morning and this New Year got me thinking about resolutions, mine being, Recycle and Rejuvenate and work towards producing enough pieces to sell, where I don't know? I do know if Idon't do something about it this year I never will ...... so, onwards and upwards.
Happy New Year


  1. Morning hehe always on here in the early morning bit late this morning though was playing hooky!! hehe
    Been inspired l have and sounds like you have too!!
    Good luck with the production line decided to have a go at a book myself..wish me luck l'll need it l'm terrible at finishing stuff!!! lol
    Hugs x

  2. Morning Nicky...hope 1st day back to work was good....spent yesterday morning in bed house hunting and the afternoon deciding that Wem was too far away from Shrewsbury (Phil's place of work)hehe
    Potentially a fabulous bungalow and a cottage about 4 doors away..will be posting about the experience today!!!
    No ideas for the 800grms of 4ply more into small fast projects me hehe....although l might resurrect the knitting machine!! hehe...would love to knit a cardy/jacket
    Have a great day..promise parcel will be sorted and posted this weekend...useless at doing the posting thing soz xx

  3. Suz 1st day back was okay, my job is interesting so I am very lucky. House hunting is exciting good luck. Am thinking a jacket type cardi for the yarn but still not completely decided, do have some possibles though. Hey don't worry about the parcel, whenever you can the thought is just wonderful anyway..... Have a fab day.

  4. Hope you have a fabulastic 2010 and to see you at some stage during..sounds as if you had a wonderful time at Christmas and didn't know that boss's (ha-ha) husband is artist like mine. I just sold couple of his paintings, he was very happy and thinks I can sell tea to china-man!!
    We have so much snow here and all schools are closed, I can't get out and all looks very pretty. I am loving it coming from cold country...everyone else is moaning. Hugs xx