Friday, January 29, 2010


I was just haveing a little look through some old photos, of my Grandparents, thought I would share them, as they make me feel really happy.
My lates banner picture is my Grandma, Vera out with the girls, arm in arm they look like they are having such fun and my Grandma looks so happy, (shes the one of the right).  Check out the car in the background this was taken around the 1930's. 
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My next picture is again Vera on her wedding day. My mum rang me this weekend and said she had been having a sort out in her attic and had found the dress, unfortunately the veil was damaged and beyond repair so she had to dispose of it, but kept the dress and she said it would be lovely if one of the girls, (my daughter or my two nieces) could wear it when they got married, but thought maybe it was too old fashioned.  I told my daughter about our conversation and unbeknown to me she was on the phone to her Nanny to get first 'dibs' on the dress before her cousins got wind of it!!!!!

This next picture was taken at 'Osborn Avenue' which is where my Grandma and Grandad lived for most of their life.  I loved this house and garden.  The photo was taken at the bottom of the garden where they eventually had their green house and vegetable garden.  They spent a lot of time in their garden and I have really fond memories of this time in my young life.

I have plenty more pictures to reminisce about so I will leave it here for now.........hope you enjoy sharing these photos with me.  I am now joyful and happy, ready for the weekend!  x


  1. Hello! thanks for visiting me! I love your photos and the stories to go with them. It is really wonderful to have old photos like thes and the fantastic memories they evoke too! suzie. xxx

  2. wow! Fabulous photos have a few like that too l've scanned and taken digital photos of them all so l have a record of all the old photos on disc Did Phil's family too he didn't have many though we think his brother has more but can't get him to hand them over for a digi session
    Sad to lose them through age
    l also have a wedding dress from my Great Aunt and her shoes and gloves hehe from the 1920's lovely to look back on family stuff...isn't it?
    Hugs Suz x

  3. Thanks excited about the move can't wait for April lol
    Hugs XX

  4. Hi Nicky, take a look at my free pattern for this month and I am sure you will agree that your Grandmama would have looked splendid with one of these, perfect in the 1930's.
    Hope all is well with you.
    Love Heike x