Saturday, January 16, 2010

Emma's Sewing Machine tutorial

Today my neighbours daughter came round for  a sewing machine tutorial.
She is a lovely young women and has recently discovered the joy of thriftiness! She has bought herself a nice little 'Brother'sewing machine, and its not a bad little purchase.   We started with the basics showing her round the sewing machine, getting her to relax using it, getting a feel for the presser foot and little tips here and there.  Next we played around with different stitches on scraps of fabric, we stitched some elastic to some fabric and tried blind hemming stitch. We talked about making somthing for our next lesson and decided on a tote bag we will start from scratch , making a pattern then putting it together, nice and simple...... This is when I finally realised I have an addiction to fabric, I introduced Emma to my fabric cupboard.  Emma looked quite shocked by the amount of material I kept pulling out, it dawned on me that maybe I should actually sort the cupboard out properly!  Anyway she choose some jolly lilac spotty fabric, with plain lilac lining and contrasting lime and purple fabric.

We won't be meeting now for a couple of weeks due to her shift work, but I sent her away,some scrap fabric to play around with and I hope, inspiration and confidence to practice with her new toy!  Plus I had a really good time too.


  1. Hello vera - if you can email me and then I can send you my price list in an email back to you :)

    Thanks for your inquiry :)

    Love Happy xx

  2. Hi understand the thrill of sharing a skill..used to love the teaching l did over the years....very rewarding
    Thanks again for the 'H' hunt wishes bungalow still the fav!!
    Parcel definitely in the post tomorrow unless l have to drive to Bulford...son!!
    Hugs Suz xx