Monday, December 7, 2009

I am toooooo excited...

Wow..... too much excitement this week, I have been ploughing through some projects and getting really excited about other projects too, my daughter is 18 on Sunday, no longer a baby but will always be my 'little pud' (thank god she doesn't read my blog she would kill me).  My most exciting news is that The Royal Sisters have used two of my flickr images on their blog to show their 'Granny Twinkle and Tree', I am so honoured. 
So jobs this week, cutting out loads of No18's, I used some cheap silver and red shiny wrapping paper stuck to some firm card and cut out the number free hand, I am also attempting to make a cake for her party, that will be an experience!  We have a rather nice shop called The Baking Cupboard in the area that we live in and the lovely shop owner is very helpful and helped me come up with ideas, so watch this space I will paste a pic if it turns out okay, if not I might cry :(  Also randomly made a patchwork type of Cushion while my sewing machine was out, I am making curtains for a friend and doing my best to avoid finishing them, I just get so bored making curtains.  Just working on a necklace for my boss for Xmas and two elephants, should have those finished by Friday.  Have also started a pair of hand warmers for myself!!!!..... God forbid I make myself something well I think thats it, so off to crochet and craft.  Pic's to follow.

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