Sunday, November 15, 2009

What a Miserable Day!

Woke up around 7am on Saturday, no rain thought I will take the dogs for a walk, and thank goodness I did.  I got home and started baking and looked out the window, torrential rain, yuck. 

Guess I won't be gardening then!
But there is something quite nice about being inside in the warmth with cakes baking and the radio playing,very cosy.  I was supposed to be cleaning but thought I might sit down for 10 mins and crochet (friends pressie).  Finished baking, Plum Bake, doesn't look like much but is scrummy on its own or with custard, all the plum juice oozes into the sponge.

I use this receipe when fruit is on the turn, because I just hate throwing food away.
Did the horrible cleaning so as a reward, decided to go to an Art and Contemporary Design Show and took No1 son, who was the most excellent company. Suffice to say I succeeded in ticking most of the jobs off my list.  Sunday was good football weather so didn't get wet, although we drew :( , bacon snndwiches were definately on the menu when we got home. Rest of the day was spent chilling and crocheting (friends pressie finished can't put pic up as she will see) which after my busyish weekend, I think is most deserved!


  1. Ha ha .... am I the friend ....?
    A parcel arrived today ... xx

  2. Yes Emma you are indeed have a wonderful 21st birthday! :)