Sunday, November 29, 2009

Third time lucky....!

OMG,OMG,OMG............. what is wrong with me, twice I started a new post and hit the return button, thus posting a title, I really am a dumb arse today.  Actually I am prone to being a dumb arse most days!
Well what I wanted to say is that whilst 'blog surfing' I noticed that everyone is getting quite festive and there in particular have been some lovely posts reminisant of vintage christmases past and that whole quaint christmas look, so I decided to list my favourite, blogs that I can flick too and fro, to give me inspiration and just make me feel good. 
1. The Royal Sisters - got to love their crochet garlands they inspired me to make this and do fantastic tutorials for various 'Granny Shapes'.

2.  Shells and Bells Flowers and Showers has some lovely images of decorations and books.
3.  Emma Lamb with some tre chic ideas for Christmas.
Also being a dumb arse I don't suppose this happens to anyone else? but does anyone accidentally, whilst putting in a link that you think is the correct URL for someone else, put in the wrong one and get a completely different blog to what you think your going to get?  I just had a OMG moment. I 'thankfully' tested the link before I ok'd it and it took me to a 'crossdressing' blog with a rather manly man dressed in women underwear :O, needless to say I couldn't hit the delete button hard enough, really not the best thing to view on a Sunday morning (by the way in order to not offend I have no problem with cross dressers each to their own) just a bit of a shock!!!
Finally to the end of my waffle, my dear friend Emma sent me a lovely thank you card for her pressie which was a little crochet clutch/wallet I made for her for her 21st!!!!!!!!! birthday, (sorry Emma), and I realised that I hadn't put a pic up, well the one I have isn't very good, but Emma said I should put it up anyway so here it is.

It is a RAV pattern FREE ONE so if you want I can let anyone know the details,but comment me and I will respond via your blog.

I know I said finally but just thought I would add the pic of the bottle cosy that I made for my daughters 18th pink sparkling wine (champagne just too dammed expensive).  This was a devised pattern but I think it would make a nice festive addition too.

Bye, bye!

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  1. What a clever little chick you are.
    I'm sorely lacking inspiration xx