Sunday, November 22, 2009

Proud Parent

I sometimes wonder when my kids are moaning, snapping and generally being stroppy teenagers, where the hell I went wrong.  But something always comes along and reaffirms that I am not a bad parent and that my kids aren't the devils spawn!  On 13/11 I received a letter in the post from their school, thinking the worst, I opened it with trepidation but was warmly surprised when I saw that my, son had been awarded an achievement in Art to be presented to him by (guest to be announced)..... so as I drove to school to pick him up, I was puffed up like some fluffy bird you see on a David Attenborough programme, and when he casually jumped into the car I grabbed him and gave him a great big smacker on the cheek and almost cried, as I told him how proud I was.  He was really underwhelmed, and slightly embarressed by my display of public affection.  I then drove home slightly over excited and a bit giddy with my daughter grumbling that she hadn't got one and my son, with his usual blank OMG my mother is such a geek expression.


  1. Congratulations to your talented son!

  2. Can I claim any input as godmother?

  3. Hmm! Can you draw Emma? If so you can claim responsibility for his artistic prowess, but you may have to fight me for the title as I do have an arty side to me, so it could be genetic.