Saturday, November 7, 2009

An Orange Evening!

Well got my lovely skeins of Desire in Blenheim Orange from the wonderful Skein Queen.

As you can see they arrived beautifully wrapped,  it makes parting with money a much more joyful experience. 
I borrowed a swift to wrap the yarn into balls, my son became all curious and quite fasinated by my coverting my skeins into balls.

Still to decide on a projects, maybe a hat, handwarmer, scarf combo or handwarmer wrap combo.

Got Issue 73 of New Design in the office today and just had to take a picture of front cover.

Tanya Weaver visited Copenhagen Design Week and she writes on page 21 about the event and mentions the designer of the 'rock stars', Rocking Sheep on the front cover by Danish Designer Povl Kjer more info.  They certainly caught my eye and although my little darlings are not so much little anymore, I just thought these were such a cute take on the traditional Rocking Horse and such a tactile toy to have in any nursery.

Well off to scour Ravelry for inspiration!!!

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