Friday, November 27, 2009

Ooops!!!! Catch Up

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My wandering finger hit the GO, GO, GO....... button and posted my title, duh!!!

So as I was going to say, last night was presentation night for my son's art award at school. We always have a guest speaker and this year it was David McQueen, .... who? I hear you say, and I too was well underwhelmed never heard of him who is he and sadly thought OMG this is going to be boring, however, I was completely wrong, I think he is one of the most motivational and inspiring speakers I have ever heard, he appealed to kids and adults alike and when he finished I was so disappointed I just wanted him to keep going. Please do check him out.

I have also finished another Crimbo pressie, my sons snuggle socks specifically for when he is 'vegging out' playing his XBox 360,

I now have two bottle cosies and two elephants and a Luna scarf to finish before the 12th of Dec too, there is defiately not enough hours in the day!

On the Christmas note I finished my Grandma Tree garland/bunting and it hangs pride of place on my plate rack, well I used it for my RAV pic and it sort of stayed there.

This weekend I have a pair of curtains to make and decorations for my daughters 18th birtday party to make so watch this space......phew!

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