Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Freeform....Extreme Hardcore Knitting & Crochet!

So as part of my wonderful bosses team building exercise we were booked on a Rowan Freeform Course at John Lewis Watford on the 10/11, the lovely Freddie (Rowan DC) based at Watford arranged the course and Heike Gittens (Roving Rowan DC) ran the course.
I was a little nervous as I like structure and uniform and this was about thinking outside the box and letting your needles and hooks run away with you, gulp!
We picked up some chums from our knitting group and arrived at Watford with 4 mins to spare on a dreary, damp and quite frankly miserable day.  But it didn't take long for a little colour to brighten up our day.  We were asked to bring along scraps of interesting yarn so armed with carrier bags full of goodies we had plenty to create with.
Heike started by showing us some of her lovely creations a delightful bag and the most gorgeous wall hanging, I started feeling really nervous, as she explained that we should choose a colour scheme to base our project around.  I thought about the picture I had taken at the weekend of some leaves and started pulling out similar colours to that.

We had to think about what we were going to make, this is when I panicked, but Juliet (my boss) piped up what about a note book cover, phew!! That sounds good to me.  So colours picked, went with greens, yellows, blues and knew the shape I was working to, my note book cover was bland and boring so could do with a rejuvination.

 I grabbed some 'pom pom' and KNITTED (don't do that very often) a big lump of somthing and put it to one side.  Then started in a flurry of knitting, crochet and weaving in and the result was this. 

(Embellishing was continued at home).
The day absolutely flew by, everyone created such beautiful pieces which I believe can be view on Heike's blog at some point.  I was definately out of my comfort zone but I had an absolutely brilliant day and met lots of really interesting people, to boot!
Apologies for the poor quality pic's, used my phone.

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