Friday, November 13, 2009

Free Weekend.....Jobs to do!!!

So, busy week at work but looking forward to a relatively free weekend.  Have a long list of to do's.
1.  Clean the house, yuk!
2.  Tidy up the garden, thankless task as still needs a major overhaul.
3.  Sort out arrangements for my daughters 18th Birthday party.
4.  Finish my friends pressie.
5.  Be creative, with felt and fabric, (not quite sure how yet, might just pull out fabric, look at it and put it away again)!
6.  Go to Art & Contemporary Designer Craft Show Saturday afternoon.
7.  Help my son finish his Btec Science course work, and watch him work on his 'Imaginary City' project for his Art GCSE course work.  Better known as 'Sam time'.
8.  Stand in the rain on Sunday afternoon watching, said son playing football, dreaming of Bacon butties!
9.  Write match report for the football match that I stood in the rain watching.
10. Hope that it doesn't rain on Sunday whilst watching football.
11. Find time to walk Chester in Sherrardswood or Ayots.
12. Make plum sponge bake.
13. Finally veg out at some point!
Hmm, and I thought I had a quiet weekend, going off to dream of 'Lottery Win' and never having to work again!!

1 comment:

  1. Your 'not busy' weekend is as loaded as mine. It's Saturday afternoon and haven't stopped whizzing around since I woke up!