Thursday, October 22, 2009

Using up those odd bits of yarn!

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I get a little twitchy when I look through my stash and find the odd ball or half ball of yarn so I decided to remedy this. With Christmas coming and being the only one working in the familly due to my husband losing his job in the summer I had to come up with alternative ideas for pressies. My cousin and his wife are expecting there second baby so this is the result of stash busting, I am really quite pleased with it. I am also crocheting my nieces some hand warmers and my daughter has requested some for her birthday, my MIL is getting a scarf and my mum wanted a 'golf towel' so I have found an argyle crochet pattern and am going to produce two golf themed towels for her. I expect not all my family will be delighted with their pressies this year but needs must and at least I know each pressie might not cost a great deal but are made with love.

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