Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Work in progress

What a productive week, well so far anyway!

Finally taught myself basic Tunisian Crochet - (see pic ) only a basic beginners stitch but all got to start somewhere, am rather pleased with my self and this is going to be a hook holder.

Growing tomatoes for the first time and an odd shaped one appeared - (see pic)

And finally read a well known book called Twillight and got completely hooked, so much so that I read the whole series in less than a month so addictive, even found a fan site on facebook that has a continuation story set 6 years later, (being cryptive don't want to be a spoiler).

So pretty busy week so far and its only Tuesday! well still got some more squares to make for the Macmillan Comfort Blanket Campaign in The Knitter, footy training tomorrow with my son, I watch and crochet whilst he trains, I'm not that active. Thursday blah!!! shopping!! hate it. Friday its the weekend think a nice bottle of something bubbly will be in order by then. Off now to feed my Ravelry addiction and search for some Tunisian crochet patterns!.

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