Thursday, July 23, 2009

British Summertime & Ibiza Dress

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So ask me this where is our gorgeous Summer time? I dreamed of clotted cream tea's, bike rides in the countryside, floral dresses not wellies, piles of dirty washing and dogs muddy footprints, hmm!

Talking of dresses I made this for my daughter for her first holiday with the girls to Ibiza, God help Ibiza!!!!!! using up some 4ply cotton for the top half and some gorgeous check fabric. Yes I know no floral but its summery so if sort of counts, I have however got some other beautiful floral fabrics in my huge fabric stash earmarked for summer dresses, currently working on a sweet little floral number for my favourite 'cutie pie' Scarlett which I will post on here when completely finished.

Well roll on Sunny weather, my son is on school holidays and is currently holed up in his bedroom rapidly turning into a 'duvet slug', with a bit of luck some sunshine might coax him outside, we can live in hope!

Signing off now, but I will try to be a good little blogger and at least blog once every two weeks, because quite frankly I have been pretty crap lately!!!!!

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