Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter, Eggs and all things chocolate

Well I have survived Easter and have still got some chocolate left, glad to be back at work for some sanity, I am on my own, peace and solitude which I love. Think I must be turning into a grumpy old git because I am enjoying my company more and more!
I am still crocheting my monthly squares for my Ravelry Afghan CAL which is really interesting and challenging.
School holidays nearly over have one very stressed daughter who has decided she works best doing all her AS level course work at the last minute and a son who wishes he was a character from an Xbox 360 game, who incidentally needs decontaminating this week before he goes back to school, I didn't realise how smelly a 14yr old could get.
Roll on school run back to normality, although I will miss the opportunity to walk to work, ever more enjoying the pastime of walking gives you time to gather your thoughts although most of my thoughts are completely barking!
Anyway cleaning beckons, Oh what an exciting life I lead!!!!!!

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