Saturday, March 14, 2009

Yoga Baby!

Got a new client at work so trying out some of her products which I must say are fab. Being a none yoga person I figure that if I stick too it my 'knotted body' may loosen enough for me to be able to function again, I sit her typing with a trapped nerve in my shoulder a stiff neck and wretched hands, yea baby! Watch this space and see what the results are.

On a fresh note, that being crochet (surprise surprise) I am now on March (obviously duh)!!!! in my Blanket/Afghan CAL the 2nd square of the two namely the Irish Rose was a challenging one have just finished the actual flower which is the toughest bit but thanks to my fellow crochet addicts I was able to 'suss' out the pattern. See pic so far.
On my mission to stash bust have used up most of my Rowan Cotton Braid and some of my Kaffe Fassett circles fabric to line it with, I am rather pleased with the results and it has been one of those projects that I have been itching to do too. See pic
So did my beginners yoga volume 1, actually feel really good. Relaxed, chilled and de-stressed, think I might have a go at vol 2 tomorrow, watch this space!!!!

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