Thursday, February 26, 2009

Keeping on top of things!

Well haven't I been slack, my last post way back in January, well in my defence I have been busy....... 'See cakes Mmmmmmmm'!!!!!

Spring must be around the corner, I have this air of tidying and sorting, loose ends need tying up, making fresh starts, or, on the other hand I could be having a midlife crisis!!!!!!! I have made some decisions though

1. Definately start crocheting more garments.

2. Use up yarn stash.

3. Stop buying yarn. (well until I have used up at least half of my stash box).

4. Continue to clear my loft of years and years worth of 'crap'.

5. Start making scrap books of the kids school paintings and photo's.

6. Explore more money generating projects.

7. Spend less time on Ravelry.

On this note I did 'ratch' through my fabric cupboard the other day, but to my dismay found about 5 half finished projects, which in the spirit of my Spring 'attitude' will go on my to do list to complete. When I had finished 'ratching' it did look tidy, but unfortunately my daughter managed to find about 6 pieces of fabric which she has now declared will become 'puffball' skirts, summer blouses and various other garments.

In conclusion - I can safely say that by making all of these decisions I have clearly made more work for myself, midlife crisis and nervous breakdown.............. I'm yours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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