Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I set up this blog, because I reached that stage in life when I feel, nostalgic about a lot of things in life, in particular my Grandma.

Leafing through some old photos, I was thinking how simple and uncomplicated life must have been for her when she was young, no pressures on her to have the latest technology, appliances etc.. Simply starting married life with the basics. She loved sewing and knitting, this is visable in most family photos, for instance her wedding dress she made it with the help of friends, she also made my mothers wedding dress. When my Aunt got married she made all of the bridesmaid dresses.

She was such a talented lady and I feel so inspired by her and grateful to have known her. Simply showing me how to sew and starting me off with first sewing machine at 16, costs nothing but what a gift to give someone.

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