Saturday, August 16, 2008


A couple of months ago got a lovely invitation in the post from my cousin Emma asking me to come to her wedding in Exeter in October, first I thought "yay" family get together, my second thought was what am I going to wear, OMG why does that always happen? because of course that then snow balls into I have no clothes in my wardrobe, I have no money "yikes" what do I do? I have a cunning plan, when my grandma passed away I was left with bags and bags of fabric ( her fabric stash), problem solved, however, I'm in my 40's what looks good on Elle McPherson won't look good on me. But my saviour Gok Wan came to the rescue, what a God, Thursday nights Fashion fix inspiration, what that man can do with customizing is amazing. Well watch this space I am going to attempt to search through mountains of fabric stored in a cupboard under my stairs and then botch together a pattern. Put a piccy up when I've chosen the fabric, Oh and I am not going for the peasant look Gok put together! My cousin has asked me to do a reading in the church too, so I better look bloody good! Thats Emma in the picture she is in her 20's BITCH!!!!

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