Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Tam or Not, head warming crochet!

I don't know about you, but during the winter months I am never without a warm woolly hat or Tam as I fondly call them (minus the bobble)!  I do have a little collection of knitted and crochet hats, which I've made or been gifted.  I've also designed a few for kids.

Tilly modelled by my Granddaughter

Over Christmas I wiped up a Tam in three colours, (Grey, Black and Heather).  It was love at first wear, so I'm working on a matching scarf, (see sketch for design, featuring my alter ego, Vera). Hopefully I will get round to writing up the pattern and popping it on the blog!

and whilst rummaging through my endless magpie stash of yarns, I found a number of half finished projects, forgotten about in my written off year of 2016, notably this little number.......

......needless to say I walked the dogs at silly o'clock, then returned to bed to finish this off, the pattern should eventually make it to the blog. 

Oh before I finish, just a little piece of info, courtesy of Google, 'Tam is short for Tam-o-shanter', probably something most people knowhowever ' Tam-o-Shanter' was a mid nineteenth century hero in a Burns poem...... now something I didn't know, every days a school day!  Although my hat is missing the bobble, so in fairness should really be called a beret! but 'Tam' just sounds so much more romantic!!!

So it looks like my mojo is on course for crochet creativity this year, which of course I will share and next time I will be looking at alterations and vintage inspired makes.

'Create, Be Happy and Value Yourself'

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