Sunday, March 11, 2018

Refashion Win!

I bought a little beauty at Ooo La La's Vintage Fair based in Chesterfield.  It's a gorgeous emerald green blouse fits like a glove so attracted by the colour and pleating detail down the front, fabulous shoulder pads,  but very 80's ideal for a re-fashion.  So I did some research and was really excited by the types of 1930's style sleeves I kept finding, perfect shapes to go with the blouse.
1930s Simplicity 1506 Sewing Pattern. 
1933 Ladies' & Misses Set of Sleeves, these again I think maybe Simplicity. 

The sleeves are raglan so had lots of fabric to play with at the top, that would create a beautiful balloon vintage sleeve.  I cut the sleeve just about the elbow and put the excess and cuff to one side I will use that for the cuff at the bottom of the sleeve.

Rather than gather I created 3 small pleats folded into the centre seam on the top of sleeve at each side, six in all, and did a loose stitch to hold.  I then cut enough fabric from the excess to create the cuffs.  I stitched to the bottom of the sleeve and hey presto!.... a fabulous sleeve which really works and gives this beautiful blouse the 1930's effect I was after.

Now I just have to put together the rest of the to look up complimentary colours to go with emerald green!!

'Create, Be Happy and Value Yourself'

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Putting Together my Vintage Outfit.

I'm putting together my outfit/s for The Festival of Vintage an event in York, which many I believe say kick starts the vintage calendar.  This is held on the 21st and 22nd of April this year and of course I will be going with my lovely chum Lady Peacock Vintage.  I do love to be organised so outfit planning is a must,.... great fun too! I'm by no means an expert but love fashion in particular vintage and have a jacket dress combo in mind for the evening and going with trousers/dungarees for daytime wear.  The 30's/40's dress jacket combo, thought I would share the experience. The jacket I have is actually a 'Vintage Jacket', date? I am unsure, but would hazard a guess at mid 40's, although detail on the back (has a small gem) makes it so difficult to date. 
I was lucky enough to purchase privately, it's a dark blue and came with a matching skirt, which is far too short and tight for a lady of my statuer, so I will think about what to do with that later on.  It has beautiful detailing at the collar,  covered buttons, again beautifully made and attached, neat little faux pockets. 

The sleeves were too short, but after discussion with some fellow vintage appreciators who told me not to be 'precious', its my jacket and I will get lots of wear out of it, I decided to look at altering the sleeves which potentially comes under the 'Make do and Mend' ethos!  I was delighted to discover that the sleeves have lots of extra fabric and had in fact been 'stitched with' already, so full length sleeves are go and no fabric will be cut/harmed in the process!   I found a small amount of dark blue lining to add to the inside of the sleeves and the original lining too.  One of the shoulder pads has slipped and there was some dodgy hand stitching to the back lining so that was repaired. Inside a National Recovery Board label which ensures that the garment was made in accordance with 'Fair Labour Standards', (check out the link). 
That's my jacket sorted! 
The dress again was purchased privately, It's a repro handmade and I would say a generous size 14, so fits beautifully the length is below the knee although I would prefer slightly longer, there is no room to alter this, just needs a cool wash and dry outside to freshen up.  It's a lovely dark blue with small cream, green and russett spots, so plenty of colours to match with and versatile enough for Spring, Summer and Autumn.  I will be adding some belt loops using the needle and thread method, (check out the You Tube tutorial) using a dark blue thread, a neat belt will finish off the outfit and again I can mix up the belt colours for versatility. 
My favourite part is accessorising.  I have currently have cream shoes and some tan leather sandals, but have decided on an accent colour of cream, a pair of smart blue gloves, a string of pearls with drop pearl earrings, hair styling is pretty much sorted (see a previous post) all that's left is to acquire a belt and bag.  Ooo La La's Vintage Fair is on every month so hopefully I may find a belt there, although a good friend of mine is going to let me have first dibs in their container that stocks all her vintage gear!
The Heritage Millinar hat 'Olga'
The Hat after much thought was a treat, The Heritage Milliner, 'gift to self', (see link here).  I have included the website link too, this lady makes the most amazing reproduction hats, I found her stand at  Twinwood 2017 and was smitten with some of her designs, she is so knowledgeable too.  (link to Mr & Miss Vintage, the winner wore a Heritage Millinar hat). 
Lastly the bag.... I have a very large stash of yarns and this gorgeous original vintage crochet pattern leaflet of hats and bags.  
I'm using some of the patterns for inspiration.

thinking maybe this one with a 'Fakelite' handle in a Midnight Blue shade of Rowan Yarns 100% Cotton Glace?
Outfit mostly together now so here you go........ one down many to go!

'Create, be Happy and Value Yourself'

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

To be more Vera!

I have been trawling some new blogs, along with the usual and am feeling quite empowered.  I watched a live feed 14/1/18, hosted by Vintage Life Magazine  on facebook with Kitty Von Tastique entitled 'Too Old for Vintage?', it really hit a cord, and I even commented!

Growing up I dipped into Antiques, Vintage, Mod and Northern Soul, loving Blues, Jazz, Glenn Miller, Vera Lynn, Swing, watching old movies on a Saturday afternoon, my school chums would take the 'micky' when I was too busy to come out to play because I had lost myself in 'South Pacific' or 'Brigadoon' so my heart was never ever in the era it should have been!

My height has always been an issue with me whilst people have always said it must be so nice to be so tall, always being the boy because of my height, comedy roles in school plays, because yes I can play the comedian.......sometimes it did have its advantages, reaching stuff for other people!!!!!  but you try shopping for clothes, its a frikking nightmare.  Until i realised my secret weapon, my darling Nanny Vera,....
Here is Vera on the right nearest the car.
....Vera taught me to embrace crafts, in particular sewing, so when I did decide in 1978 that I was a teddy girl for about a week, I got a lovely pink ladies circular skirt with petticoats from my Nan.
The Mod style appealed to me at 15/16yrs, by then, through endless tuition, I could make my own ski pants and alter the 1960 suits that did fit me.  At 18 I was bitten by the Northern Soul bug and would join the exodus to the midlands and further,  I would spent Saturday afternoon furiously making long pleated or circular skirts to wear that night, coupled with a new Fred Perry.  I partied well into my twenties and yes maybe I was a hell of a lot more confident then,  but life has its knocks and along with that it can eat at you, in my case my self belief wilted and wained.

But now I have maybe tentatively decided it's my time, as a 50 something it's time to move forward and gather all my courage and make 2018 a year to grow, not just as a person, but push those crochet designs..... find myself...... build that confidence, rock the vintage style, a new haircut, embrace the grey and just be more Vera!

'Create, be Happy and Value Yourself'

(PS:Strong confident women! Secret Plus Size Goddess Nikki Redcliffe Kitty Von Tastique to name but a few)

(PPS: I have added another new design to the crochet patterns)